1991 BMW M5 E34

Just in: Stunning BMW M5 E34, fully restored with immaculate bodywork!

first registration: 12/1991

222500 km


Macau Blau



3600 cc, 6 in line, 315 bhp



Whenever we come across an older BMW ‘M’ car we are awestruck about their capabilities.Normally aspirated, big six cylinder engines are the heart of many BMW’s, but when the Motorsport department played their magic something very exciting emerged every single time.

When the E28 BMW was replaced by the modern E34 it only took a bit of patience before the M5 arrived. Based on the legendary M1 powerplant, the 3535 cc six developed a whopping 315 bhp as against the earlier 286. Yes, it was a heavier car with more luxury appointments but is was still a raw and very fast machine, capable of racing car accelerations and impeccable road manners. Unlike modern day ‘M’cars, the E34 M5 was also a very discrete car, with 17 inch turbine alloys and a modest body skirt kit the only giveaways to its pedigree.


On sale at Rose Classic Cars is a late 1991 M5 in the beautiful color combination of Macau Blau with a black leather interior. These cars don’t come better looking than this one. Still retaining the original and fabulous turbine alloys, our M5 almost looks factory fresh as it has received an enormous amount of attention over the past years.

Originally a Luxembourg delivered car it came to Belgium around 4 years ago. The enthusiastic owner immediately started a refurbishment programme on his rustfree M5. The 25 year old paint was starting to look faded in places and, although running superbly, he wanted the car to be in perfect nick in all departments. It received a professional 8000 EUR plus window out paintjob that  makes this M5 stand out. Another 12000 EUR was spent on buying parts, refurbishing the original 17 inch turbines , new tires, reupholstering of the headliner, a new windscreen and so on….

After finishing his pride and joy he drove the car for a while and now thinks it is time for a change, we bet he will regret his decision!

When approaching the 315 bhp M5 there is a real sense of occasion that only an ‘M’ car can give. The discretion of the E34 M5 is a far cry from the later cars. Only the specially developed turbines and low key body kit give the game away. That is before you turn the ignition key… a 3600cc, 6 in line powerplant with a whopping 315 bhp sounds like the business and the car drives like only an ‘M’ does. Not only does it have that fabulous M1 derived engine but it has the suspension , steering and gearbox to match. Tremendous roadholding belies this car’s age.

Maybe your time has come to own the pinnacle of the magnificent E34 5-series, the Motorsport M5!