1987 Lancia Thema 8.32

A 215 bhp 3 litre Ferrari engine, combined with a discreet 4-door body and a top class interior!

first registration: 09/1987

85.852 km

grey/ beige alcantara


2927cc, V8, 215 bhp


We are delighted to offer, on behalf of the current Belgian owner,  a very special car: a Lancia Thema 8.32 from 1987!

With less than 4.000 units produced, the Ferrari powered Thema 8.32 was a rare car in its day and nowadays it is very unlikely that one will cross your path. The fact that it is fairly discreet in appearance and often painted in an understated colour contributes to its wolf in sheep’s clothing image. Originally there were no Ferrari badges on the outside of the car, only discreet 8.32 ones. It was only when the bonnet was lifted that the legendary name could be spotted.

The Thema 8.32 we offer for sale still has the original badges, with no ‘Ferrari’ added by an enthusiastic owner. Combined with the discreet grey paintwork, the car only gives the game away when  the engine is started and the extraordinary rear boot lid wing is electrically  lifted. The engine note alone will give goosebumps to any petrolhead. That is when the engine is idling, let alone revving to 7000 rpm and more!

Delivered new in Italy in 1987, this car was imported to Belgium in 2018 and has currently only 85.852 km on the clock. Although the overall condition of the car suggests that this could be correct, there is no service history to back this up.

The bodywork is in good, original condition with, as far as we can see, mostly original paintwork. The interior is very lavish with the rare alcantara cloth to the seats and stitched leather and wood as far as the eye can see. If it feels that special now, it must have been breathtaking in the eighties. Details like the gold finish exterior trim and striping complete the picture. The 215 bhp V8 Ferrari engine starts and runs well. As said, the sound is awesome!

The car was recently exhibited at Brussels Autoword Supercars 2 and is featured in the book covering this event. 


Owning this Thema 8.32 could prove a very rewarding way to be behind the wheel of a Ferrari powered car. The added advantage of 4 seats may help to convince your partner! Please contact us for more info. The car is located near Brussels.