1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500

first registration: 1980

White with black interior and hood


1500cc, 4 in line


This 1980 Spitfire presents well in white with a black interior. It was originally sold in Belgium and was always kept in sound, running condition. It is sold by Rose Classic Cars for its current Belgian owner.

In the late fifties, the BMC-produced Austin-Healey Sprite, affectionately known as the Frogeye in the UK or Bugeye in the States, was an immediate hit!  It proved that a simple, small, open sports car with saloon engine and suspension, could provide huge fun on a shoe string budget. The people at Triumph noticed this too and decided it was their turn to bring out an even better and prettier sportster: the famous Spitfire! As opposed to the Sprite and Midget, the Spitfire retained a seperate chassis but was an altogether more grown up car with more interior space and a longer body. After smaller engined incarnations came the 1500 of the mid-seventies which overcame the flaws of the earlier cars with the best performance.

The Spitfire we present here was cherished by its last owners and kept in good technical condition. The bodywork presents well with no major flaws or visible rust. The white paintwork really suits the Spitfire very well and has a nice shine. It is complemented by very good chromework and a good hood. The interior presents very well with nice vynil seats, good door cards and carpets. The dash, steering wheel and other fittings are intact.

Technically, we would say that this Triumph feels well sorted. It starts instantly and idles  smoothly. There are no untoward noises and the engine pulls well. The brakes are in good working order and the suspension feels taut with no rattling.

If you want to enjoy a classic British roadster and have lots of fun, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, this could be your ticket for this summer!