Reserved: 1967 Morris Minor Traveller

first registration: 1967

31105 miles

Ivory with a red interior


1098cc, 4 in line


What a charming car, the Morris Minor Traveller! When we imagine the classic English countryside, a Morris Minor and more particularly the estate version, the Traveller has to be part of it!

When the Minor was introduced in 1948, it soon became clear that the car would prove succesful. In fact, some people made the comparison with the Volkswagen Beetle and thought it was the better car. True, it drives surprisingly spritely in later guises, is very roomy and was not expensive back then. When the Traveller estate version was introduced in the fifties its versatility and charm made sure the Minor gained even more popularity.

Our Traveller is a 1967 1000 version, meaning it has the powerful 1098 cc BMC engine. It was delivered new in the UK so is RHD. Converting it to LHD would not be too difficult or expensive as the  shifting with the left hand. It’s all part of the utterly British experience that owning and driving this Minor is all about. In 1998, the car was imported to Holland and has remained there untill recently when it came to us.

Bodily, the Traveller is very clean and tidy, it looks like the car was restored maybe 20 years ago. The paint is in good condition but a couple of areas could do with improving. These don’t detract from the overall appearance. The condition of the wood seems to be good, it certainly looks the part!

Most of the chrome is original and in good condition, adding to the aura of the car. Tyres and exhaust are excellent.

The interior of our Minor is lovely, lived in, not over-restored and again, charming! It matches greatly with the ivory exterior. As mentioned before, it is surprisingly roomy and the rear seat can be folded flat if one would like to do some serious shopping or travelling. As with the rest of the car, it is full of lovely period details, things like the speedo, the steering wheel, door pulls, rear window locking mechanisms, the rear door hinges,  etc…. You can spend hours marvelling these and other parts of the car.

Mechanically, the Minor seems to be in good order. It starts instantly, ticks over very nicely and runs, drives and brakes surprisingly well.

This Minor Traveller is dying to discover new country lanes, maybe you can guide her!?