1958 Jaguar 3.4 litre project

first registration: 1958

Cotswold Blue with grey hide


3400 cc, 6 in line, 210 bhp


When people think about a fifties Jaguar, they often look at the XK’s but it were the small saloons that were vital to Jaguar. In fact, if the 3.4 and 2.4 litre ‘Mark 1’ cars had not been introduced, there may well have been no E-type, XJ6 and certainly not the Mark 2 years later.

For us, the 3.4 litre (later refered to as the Mark 1, but only when the Mark 2 came out) epitomises the fifties. With its beautifully shaped bodywork, small screens, thick pillars and centrally mounted instruments it can only be a car that was introduced not that long after the war. One of the first monocoque constructed cars, Jaguar felt it was better to be safe than sorry and over-engineered the car, resulting in this sturdy saloon.

The 3.4 litre was succesful in saloon racing and most people know Mike Hawthorn owned one and sadly died in it, street racing against Rob Walker in his 300 SL.

Our project car was originally a automatic version, delivered new in Belgium in the stunning colour combination of Cotswold Blue with grey hide. It was equipped with an ultra-rare steel sunroof. It is extremely rare to see a Mark 1 nowadays with one of these. It is more common on the Mark 2 but still a rarity. The automatic gearbox was replaced with a manual/overdrive version which is, in our opinion, a very good thing as the Borg Warner 3 speed automatics were nothing to write home about.

The car is 99% complete with all rare Mark 1 specific items present. The engine is matching  numbers, the gearbox obviously not. It has the very desirable 4 disc brake system. It is possible that these were standard fitment by 1958, before that they were an option we think. The body needs some welding but all major panels can be retained. The lower doors need work, the crows feet, the lower inner wings/sill ends and some other parts. But a competent welder should be able to perform the task without too much trouble.

All chrome is there, some of it can be used as is but most will need a rechrome, unless a patinated car is wanted. The interior is complete and needs work. Most of the woodwork is ok.

Will you be the one bringing this languishing Jaguar back to life?

note: the set of 2 inch SU’s is not included in the sale. The car comes with the original examples.